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About Cash For Clothes

*NOTICE: Please wear a face covering when visiting our branches - Stay Alert - Control the Virus - Save Lives 

Our service offers everyone the opportunity to earn instant cash for their pre-loved clothing, shoes and fashion accessories, and we give these garments a new lease of life.

Not only will you earn extra cash, you are creating more space at home by reducing household clutter, you lower your carbon footprint by diverting your unwanted clothing from landfill for the purpose of Reuse, which in turn enables disadvantaged people to afford suitable clothing.

Our ethos is simple, our customers, the people we work with and the environment are important aspects of our business. That’s why we always aim for high standards when we work to rehome your pre-loved clothes.

We welcome you to visit your nearest branch to benefit from our service.



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Clean adults'
& children's clothing
Handbags, belts
& general fashion accessories
  Jewellery, toileteries & perfumes Console games (ONLY ACCEPTED AT OUR GLASGOW BRANCH) Please note that our other branches do not take console games.
No bad quality, wet, smelly or ripped items, duvets, pillows, heavy curtains, towels, carpets/rugs, books, glass, metal or bric a brac, CD'S/DVD'S, school or work uniforms, no items contaminated with animal hair. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse unsuitable items
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We pay cash on the spot

*Please note that we do not accept more than 16 full bin bags at a time. We don't accept Bedlinen and Towels. We do not accept old fashioned clothing and excess items from charity shops which haven't been sold, as they may not be fashionable and reusable. Our staff are trained to know what type of quality is acceptable and reserve the right to refuse and items which are deemed unsuitable.


To find out how much you will be paid please use the calculator

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We are experienced in the textile Re-use/Recycle industry. We work to collect pre-loved clothing which we re-sell to the global secondhand market for the purpose of Reuse, this in turn actively prevents tons of post-consumer waste from clogging UK landfills each year.

We encourage environmentally responsible behaviour and offer a service which helps to reduce landfill waste by buying your unwanted pre-loved clothes and shoes from you for cash on the spot. 

Head Office


UK Clothing Caravan Ltd
730 London Road

West Thurrock
RM20 3NL

Cash For Clothes Service

Tel: 01708 685 076
07909 118 747
Email: [email protected]

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